• Business Withholding

    If you have previously created a username and password, please go to step 4 to login.

    Step 1 – FID Required

    You will need your FID to create your username and password in Step 2.

    Step 2 - Setup/ create user account

    Click here to begin registration/ setup. You will be asked to enter your FID and your e-mail address. A PIN number will be emailed to you, which will be used in the next step to create a username and password. Once you have received your PIN number, please proceed to Step 3.

    Step 3 - Create Username and Password

    Click here to create your username and password once you have received your PIN.

    Step 4 - Login to Tax Tool

    Enter your username and password

    Password: (case sensitive)

    If you’ve forgotten your PIN, click here to retrieve your PIN.

    If you forget your Username or Password, click here to have your information displayed to you. You will enter your Federal ID number, and the PIN you used to sign up, and your Username and Password will be displayed to you.